Welcoming Fire Outreach Program

Tealey Normandin, Outreach Worker
E-mail: destinyliveshere@gmail.com 
Phone: (514) 816-1147

The Native Women's Shelter of Montreal (NWSM) is proud to announce that the Welcoming Fire Outreach Program has been extended. The Outreach Worker assists past clients of the NWSM, self-referred clients and clients referred by other community resources.


  • Provide follow-up services for Aboriginal women who are at risk of becoming homeless
  • Provide bi-weekly workshops on various topics
  • Provide traditional First Nations healing
  • Offer culturally sensitive tools which the client can use in order to come to terms with the root of their problems and methods on how to provide healthy emotional stability in their lives and in their families


  • Respond to emergency situations and crisis interventions
  • Provide home visits and active listening
  • Escort clients to social or health services to help bridge the cultural and linguistic gap
  • Provide encouragement, support and problem solving.  Advocate on behalf of the client
  • Advocate by helping to prevent eviction, or if the eviction is unavoidable, assist in the person’s relocation
  • Assist with applications (social aid, child tax credit, low income housing)
  • Provide resources and referrals
  • Provide bi-weekly workshops


Free workshops are held twice a month. Topics include traditional arts and crafts, parenting issues and various healing methods. A Spiritual Healer is available at all workshops to do individual sessions. Guest speakers are invited to facilitate the workshops.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please speak directly with Tealey Normandin, Outreach Worker.
E-mail: destinyliveshere@gmail.com